The Mt. Heimdahl Property covers approximately 1045 hectares of land within the Valhalla Ranges. It consist of three mineral claims, which are prospective for hosting calc-silicate gneiss hosted flake graphite mineralization, in the Slocan Valley area of British Columbia.

It is situated within high-grade metamorphic rocks of the Valhalla Complex, within the Omineca Crystalline Belt. It is underlain predominately by quartzites, amphibolite gneisses, quartz pegmatites, marbles, and graphitic calc-silicate gneisses. Layers or lenses of graphite bearing calc-silicate gneiss have been noted locally to host up to 8% large flake disseminated graphite. Preliminary prospecting on a thick calc-silicate layer on the eastern slopes of Mt Heimdahl (Assmt Report #25666) indicated that graphite mineralization of up to 4.8% can be found locally.

Infrastructure is well developed in the Mt. Heimdahl Property area, as the property is approximately 35 kilometres southwest of Nelson BC, or alternately 41 kilometres northeast of Castlegar. Forestry roads, and a high-tension power line, run through Koch Creek, approximately 8 kilometres south of the property, where Eagle Graphite’s beneficiation plant is located.

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