With nuisance dust becoming the first growing problem across Alberta, construction dust control has become a requirement by many authorities. This is because there are great dangers posed by too much dust. Construction sites and workshops have been known to be worst affected places. With steady growth of dust control companies in Alberta, it is important to know what to expect from them.


A control plan

The components that a control plan has to include are any receptors that are sensitive to vegetation and water that are within 1,000 feet of your site. Maps should be made of these receptors and submitted to local health authority for review which often times includes their approval.


Better Equipment

Companies in Alberta that deal with dust control also have equipment for the job. Most of these types of equipment make use of fans to drive not only air, but some fine mist of water into a dust-prone area, to literally knock it out of the air. Other companies took an additional step by adding hydroscopic material to land. When sprayed with water, dirt combined with these chemicals would not only absorb more moisture, but withhold it for longer. Magnesium chloride is the chemical that has shown to have minimal impact on your surrounding environment and yet be an effective part of this process.

Preventive measures

Other than just controlling dust companies in Alberta will also help you out with ways of preventing it. For instance, they will position extractors so it catches the particles right where it is generated and before it gets into the general air circulation of your workshop or home. This is in principle a top solution, and it’s why workplace health legislation favors extraction over the other options.

They also make it easy to have pure, clean air free from particles by installing air cleaners. These are gadgets that will remove particles from the air. The tuner is close to the source of particles than the cleaner. When this is the case, you will tend to inhale more dust than ever. However what makes this measure more effective is due to the fact that a cleaner will take a considerable amount of time to purify the air.

So if you want to enjoy benefits of breathing in pure air and staying healthy, it is important that you consult services of a professional company. This means that you must do your research to get the best from the rest.


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